Sound Bath & Meditation – By the Banyan Tree

Sound Bath & Meditation – By the Banyan Tree

Together with Steph and Alex from Sound & Spirit, we welcome you to join us for these very special events as we gather for a sound meditation around the sacred 200 year old Banyan Tree on the front lawn of the Homestead.

~ Enjoy a picnic (byo picnic) on the green with friends whilst you unwind to live music.
~ Settle in for a rejuvenating and replenishing Sound Meditation.
~ Witness the majesty of the Banyan Tree and the picturesque Tocal Homestead at Sunset.

The Banyan tree is considered sacred to many cultures, some consider it to be the tree of eternal life. The Banyan represents growth, strength, and self-awareness through reflection, meditation, and a quieting of one’s mind. It is said that Buddha found enlightenment after sitting under the banyan tree for 7 days.

Hindu mythology refers to the Banyan tree as the tree for fulfilling wishes (Kalpavriksha), and the tree of life and fertility. The sacredness of the Banyan tree also comes from ancient stories that it was the residing place of Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, and Lord Krishna used to rest on Banyan leaves.

We are incredibly blessed to have this spectacular 200 year old Banyan tree right here in the Hunter on our property. Sound & Spirit guide the experience with a gentle breathing and vocal technique to bring you into the present moment, allowing you drop you into the experience. From there we will journey you through the meditation with Shruti Box, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Chimes, Flute, Voice and other therapeutic instruments.

When: Saturday 7th September 2024
Where: Tocal Homestead, 957 Tocal Rd, Paterson
Time: TBC
Cost: $45
Tickets:  Ticket link coming soon
What’s provided: Yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye pillows.
You are invited to bring: a water bottle and anything extra that will bring you comfort, such as an additional pillow, mat, bolster, or extra blanket.
Other upcoming event dates:
Saturday 7th September 2024 (Afternoon/twilight) Tickets will be available for this date closer to the time of the event
Saturday 19th October 2024 (Morning) Tickets will be available for this date closer to the time of the event
Please Note: This is a weather permitting event. If the event is postponed, you may wish to request a refund or hold onto your ticket for the future date.